Rumor: Silent Hill Reboot Possibly Being Revealed in June

New rumors on Silent Hill have come out via industry insider Dusk Golem, such as a possible reboot reveal coming in June. This title would be a PS5 exclusive, so no cross-gen support on this front. It is also being reported that this new Silent Hill will be a soft reboot, possibly the most exciting bit of news.

Rumor: Silent Hill Reboot Possibly Being Revealed in June

After the unprecedented popularity of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills PT demo, the game was canceled. This was a shock and an incredibly unpopular decision by Konami. With the outcry at the cancellation of this title, Konami must’ve known they had to do something with the Silent Hill IP. According to known leaker and gaming industry insider AestheticGamer, we will be seeing the newest Silent Hill game as early as June. Another interesting point to take note of in these tweets is AestheticGamer states the announcement itself will be quite exciting.

After discussing the possible reveal next month, AestheticGamer went on to discuss other aspects of the upcoming title. Many Silent Hill alumni will be returning to work on this game, including the original creator of Silent Hill, Keiichiro Toyama, who will be returning to direct. Dusk Golem also states it is being developed by Sony Studios Japan and will be a PS5 exclusive. Unfortunately, this game will have no ties to Kojima’s Silent Hills and will be a soft reboot of the franchise. Although it is disappointing that we may never see Kojima’s vision, a soft reboot can be just as exciting if done right.  

With everything we currently know, are you excited for a possible reboot of the Silent Hill franchise? Or, would you rather have seen Silent Hills resurrected and there be continued development on that front?

Silent Hills - Teaser Trailer

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