Silent Hill 2 Celebrated Its 21st Birthday with BTS Footage

Silent Hill 2 celebrated its 21st birthday on September 24th this year. To celebrate, GameSpot shared some behind the scenes footage of the motion capture process originally used in the development of the game.

Silent Hill 2 Celebrated Its 21st Birthday with BTS Footage

September 24th marked the 21st anniversary of the release of Silent Hill 2. In order to celebrate, GameSpot shared some behind the scenes footage of the iconic survival-horror game. The minute long video gave players a look into the motion capture process for Konami’s hit sequel. 

Silent Hill 2 is regarded by many fans to be a classic–if not one of the best–survival-horror games to date. The game flaunts eerie environmental storytelling, sometimes obtuse puzzles, and mysterious characters. These include several protagonists and the introduction of the iconic Pyramid Head. Beyond these features, the game also includes a variety of hidden secrets and lore for players to uncover. Each discovery deepens the players understanding of the world and the characters in it. 

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the game, however, is its story. Its unique take on mental illness, trauma, and how it handles the topic of abuse is celebrated by many fans to this day. Some are still surprised that it can approach such topics with such finesse considering its genre and the time at which it was made. 

The video clip shared by GameSpot shows some of the motion capture process used to make the game. It features several characters, including Maria, James, and Laura, in various cutscenes within the game. Fans have been enjoying the little sneak peek into the development, and it shows how far motion capture has come since then. 

Lastly, with rumors of a Silent Hill 2 remake circulating, some fans are eager for a reboot while others are apprehensive. It’s been rumored Bloober Team may be silently working on a remake. And while Bloober Team is responsible for popular horror games such as Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, many fans agree the classic should be left alone. 

While nothing has been confirmed yet, many are still hopeful there will be new Silent Hill games some point in the future. Until then, players can continue to enjoy the original bone-chilling experience which has stood the test of time. 

SOURCE: GameSpot (Twitter)

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