Showcase Event for Upcoming Mobile Game 404 GAME RE:SET Will Be Held on February 10

404 GAME RE:SET is a new mobile RPG currently in the works developed by SEGA in partnership with the NieR series creator, Yoko Taro. A showcase event detailing what to look forward to will be held on February 10, and the game itself will launch in Japan later this year.

Showcase Event for Upcoming Mobile Game by SEGA and Yoko Taro, 404 GAME RE:SET Will Be Held on February 10

On February 10 2023 at 20:00 JST, SEGA will formally announce a new mobile RPG for iOS and Android. 404 GAME RE:SET is being developed in collaboration with the creator of the popular action role-playing game series NieR, Yoko Taro. Not much has been revealed about the game aside from a teaser trailer and an official website, but that will all change in a few days. In the teaser trailer below, there are phrases that read as “Create a brighter future” and “Destroy SEGA” then finally, near the end: “2023.2.10 The World Will Change.”

【セガ】スマートフォンゲーム最新作 ティザートレーラー

Interested fans can look forward to the showcase premiering on YouTube to decipher what it all means. The official Twitter account for 404 GAME RE:SET has yet to be set up, but for now, official information regarding the game is currently being hosted at @MOD_SEGA. On the official website which is linked to the Twitter account, there is a real-time countdown to SEGA’s new project announcement that links to the upcoming showcase.

The game may launch in Japan later this year, as there is already a preregistration campaign being planned for up to 10 rounds of gacha pulls when the game is released.

Source: SEGA and Yoko Taro to announce RPG 404 GAME RE:SET for iOS, Android on February 10 


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