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Shiny Boxed Edition Releases 27th February 2018

In a press release today, the release date for the boxed edition of the family friendly sci-fi platformer, Shiny, has just been announced by publisher SOEDESCO. On the 27th February 2018 the game will hit the shelves for PlayStation®4. Shiny allows players to enjoy non-violent platforming action, with over twenty great maps to explore!

Shiny Boxed Edition Releases 27th February 2018
What is the game all about?

Shiny is non-violent family friendly sci-fi platformer made by Garage 227. Players play as robot Kramer 227, who has to find a way to harvest energy and rescue its robotic friends before the doomed planet of Aurora crashes into its sun. On their journey, players need to overcome obstacles and manage their energy levels to power themselves and their friends on their way to safety.

Key Features 

– Enjoy non-violent, platforming action
– Explore 20 extensive levels
– Manage your energy levels – the robots’ source of life!
– Utilize cool power-ups you find along the way, to save the planet

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