Shenmue III Delayed To 2nd Half Of 2018

Shenmue III will not only skip E3 but will also not release before the second half of 2018. Game director Yu Suzuki reveals that the game keeps growing bigger and bigger in scope and ambition.

Shenmue III Delayed To 2nd Half Of 2018
Yu Suzuki, the creator behind the Shenmue series, just announced some additional disappointing news. About a week ago his development team YS Net announced that the game would skip E3 2017. Now, the game director himself revealed that the highly-anticipated return of Shenmue part 3 will not see the light of day until at least the second half of 2018. The reason behind it seems to be that the game is growing into something much bigger than originally anticipated. Check Yu Suzuki's statement video just below.

Shenmue III - 2018 Delay Announcement

The Shenmue franchise was arguably the biggest asset that Sega had going for its short-lived Dreamcast back in the early 2000s. It was an action semi-sandbox game with a high degree of focus on a story of revenge. The game brought a high degree of innovation to the gaming industry with the introduction of quick timer events as well as a new cinematic storytelling method not seen before. In the two games that released back then, you played the role of a Japanese martial artist by the name Ryo Hazuki who's father is killed by a famed Chinese warrior by the name of Lan Di. The protagonist then begins a quest to find his father's killer. The franchise is a multi-episode project that abruptly ended after the second game but was picked up via Kickstarter in order to complete the unfinished story. The wait continues it seems.

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