Shards Online February Newletter

Citadel Studios' February newsletter brings tons of new information regarding Shards Online. From armor sets to release dates to pledge information, there's a lot to read about Shards Online.

Shards Online February Newsletter is here!

Citadel studios just released a LOT of information about Shards Online in their February Newsletter. Check their page for more information on:

Armor Set Reveal – Catacombs will launch with 6 new clothing / armor sets. A screenshot is included in the newsletter.

Release Date Update – Alpha has been pushed to the spring. Steam later this year.

Stretch Goal Announcement – 250k gets us mounts and an exclusive armor set for all backers.

New Pledge Reward Details – New 100$ reward and details on other levels.

Community Shard Spotlight – Tales of Palanai has been hard at work creating a unique experience. We sit down with the team to discuss the details.

Citadel Studios maintains their promise to not release the game until they feel it is ready, but project lead, Derek “Supreem” Brinkmann says they are making great progress. Brinkmann also call for continued feedback and support in order to make Shards Online the best it can be.

Get involved with Shards Online today!

For those of you wanting to get involved in Shards Online now, head over to the pledge page and pledge your support! Pledged support will feature great benefits, with increasing rewards ranging from pledges of $40-$300. This is the best time to get involved in the exciting and immersive world of Shards Online.

Tune in to the Pre-Alpha Admin Modding contest in April, where those who have pledged at least $40 will get to vote on their favorite mod! Both the Players and Developers choice will receive a $200 VISA gift card that could be put towards hosting a community server!

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