Shadow Man Remastered Prepares to Sneak Onto Switch

Nightive Studios is preparing to launch Shadow Man Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. The game will arrive on the portable system later this month with a ton of enhancements over the original Shadow Man game. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to delve into Deadside on the go.

Shadow Man Remastered Prepares to Sneak Onto Switch

It seems the Nintendo Switch version of Shadow Man Remastered is finally drawing near. We now know the release date, since the game has appeared on the eShop. It will be arriving on the 17th of January. Developed by Nightdive Studios, this remaster is $19.99 on the Switch eShop.

Players can join Shadow Man and delve into the spirit world on the go starting later this month. Like last year’s PC release of Shadow Man Remastered, the switch version will also include new and remastered audio, music, and SFX. Additionally, Nightdive Studios have added in cut or unused voice dialogs from the original game. Three new levels that didn’t make the cut in the original Shadow Man game are also restored in Shadow Man Remastered.

Here is the game trailer from the original PC version since there is no Switch trailer yet:

Shadow Man Remastered Launch Trailer - Nightdive Studios

Players will encounter a slew of art updates in Shadow Man Remastered on Switch. Textures for the HUD, levels, inventory, and objects have been remastered in HD. Meanwhile, unused animations from the original game have been restored as well as gad Icons from the N64 version, and more. Nightdive Studios also included a bunch of gameplay improvements, ranging from better controls to achievements, a new weapon wheel, and more.


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