Seven Mages – presentation of musical magic

Napoleon Games released yesterday new video showing one kind of a magic in the game. And musical magic seems very interesting.

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Seven Mages are still hard in the development and there is a lot of work to do. But it does not mean that there is nothing to show. Jindřich Rohlík who is leading the whole team is talking and showing how magic will work in the game. But don't forget that there are three types of magic so this is just one of them. And I can say that it looks interesting and reminds me of some older games where instruments were also used for buffs and in general strengthening your party of heroes.

And you will surely agree that even though the game is mainly made for Android and iOS it looks amazing and could be very playable also on PC. Which according to some comments on Facebook will be later also available!

Check it for yourself.

Seven Mages - Gameplay Video: Musical magic

And if you know how to work in Unity then you can try and contact the studio at [email protected] because two weeks ago they publish a message that they really need a Unity programmer. 

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