Sentimental Easter Egg Found in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock Studios’ spiritual successor to the classic Left 4 Dead, is out and fans are picking up on easter eggs across the game’s levels. One such uncovered gem is a little hint towards a friendly face among Turtle Rock Studios’ staff!

Sentimental Easter Egg Found In Back 4 Blood Cover

Back 4 Blood features longer campaigns than the acclaimed Left 4 Dead series and has more characters to choose from – along with a deck-building system of perks. It is the latest release from Turtle Rock Studios – formerly Valve South – famed for Evolve, Counter Strike, and the zombie-infested Left 4 Dead. Fans have eagerly picked up on details hidden within the game – though these are not to be confused with the Easter Egg quest!

Memorial To A Missed Friend

Players have noticed that there is a little memorial to a pet that was in Turtle Rock Studios’ office. Found in many of the safe rooms in Back 4 Blood’s levels, there are post-it notes and scrawled sentences on the boards located on the walls.

A painting of Gobi the Bearded Dragon who is featured in Back 4 Blood.

A painting of Gobi the Bearded Dragon who is featured in Back 4 Blood.

A couple of these posted pieces are related to the famed studio pet, Gobi the bearded dragon. One of the post-it notes has a small drawn portrait of him, with the words ‘Forever In Our Hearts’. There are also Polaroids featuring a painting of the late Gobi, with a halo.

Gobi the bearded dragon was the pseudo mascot and the pet of the office for an entire decade, solidifying him as a recognizable member of the team. Even visitors to the studio mention meeting the cold-blooded cutie – he truly had a reputation of his own.

Interestingly, in the Gobi Desert, there is a rock shaped like a turtle and aptly named so. This is likely where the cheeky chap got his name from! Back 4 Blood is also not the only outing for Gobi – he was the inspiration behind the enemy Gobi in Evolve, too!

Gobi, ‘The Original’ was well-loved, lived in the lap of luxury, and was treated like a king in the Turtle Rock Studios. May he rest in peace, and his memory live on in further games.

Back 4 Blood - Official Release Date Trailer

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