Sega to release a Genesis/Megadrive compilation soon

''GET INTO THE CLASSICS!'' Segas most iconic 16-BIT titles will finally appear on the PS4 in one compilation. This compilation will be released on PS4, XboxOne and Steam on May 29th 2018. But will it beat Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for content and value? Only time will tell!

Sega to release a Genesis/Megadrive compilation soon
A trailer from Sega was leaked on to Youtube a few hours ago. The trailer is for a new compilation of games from the Genesis/Megadrive system called Sega Genesis Classics or Sega Megadrive Classics and is set to release on May 29th this year. Judging by the characters featured in said trailer, it appears that it will feature Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets Of Rage, Toe Jame & Earl and Altered Beast (among others). This Trailer has since been removed. However, you can still watch the trailer as Sonic_Hedgeblog managed to embed it in a to embed it in a tweet. Needless to say people have started to re-upload the trailer on their Youtube channels as well.

The trailer was leaked from a publisher's press kit according to PushSquare. It's as of yet, unknown whether there is any difference between this compilation and the much loved Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, if it will get a physical release or if the games included will get any special enhancements but Sega will most likely release a statement with more details soonEither way, I know what I'm getting on my birthday! What games are you to find on the new compilation?

A screenshot of the brilliantly done trailer

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