SEGA Showcase Confirmed for New Game Plus Expo

SEGA is now one of many video game companies to be at New Game Plus Expo on June 23rd. SEGA attending this event might mean they'll showcase some huge news involving Sonic the Hedgehog's 30th anniversary and their other IPs.

New Game Plus Expo SEGA

New Game Plus Expo just announced that they’ll be hosting an online showcase of many video game companies’ plans. SEGA also just committed to join the event to showcase any new announcements on what they have planned in the future. The event will take place on June 23rd.

SEGA did have a panel planned at SXSW, but it was canceled due to coronavirus. The company has said ever since that they’re looking for an alternative. SEGA attending New Game Plus Expo is leading many people to believe what Sonic announcements are going happen. It’s also fitting that it’s going to be on the 29th anniversary of the Sonic series.

The last two mainline Sonic games were a mixed bag. Sonic Mania was heavily praised, with some considering it being the best game in the series. Meanwhile, Sonic Forces was just a below-average game and many people have voiced their reasoning on why it flopped. SEGA must have something huge if they delayed any announcement involving their blue poster boy. There’s also a chance they have other announcements in place for their other IPs. We’ll just need to stay tuned to see what’s to come at New Game Plus Expo on June 23rd.

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