Sega Drops Teaser for New Sonic Frontiers: A Resurgence for 3D Sonic?

There has been a new game announced for the blue blur, and now Sega has just dropped another teaser for the game Sonic Frontiers. The trailer showcases some of the new environments, along with mechanics new and old. Between this and the Sonic movies, could this be a return to fame?

Sega Drops Teaser for New Sonic Frontiers: A Resurgence for 3D Sonic?Sonic the Hedgehog’s official YouTube channel just recently put out a teaser for their next game, Sonic Frontiers. The game’s announcement was followed by a trailer in December of last year. 3D Sonic games haven’t really been on good terms with the fanbase in recent times, but that may all change with what’s in store for the blue hedgehog.

The teaser showcases more gameplay than the previous cinematic reveal trailer. Most of Sonic’s core mechanics are shown, including running and rail grinding, but some new gimmicks show up in the trailer. These new gimmicks mainly revolve around combat, which used to boil down to “hit enemy while rolled into a ball” in most Sonic games.

Sega Drops Teaser for New Sonic Frontiers: A Resurgence for 3D Sonic?

One of the enemies shown in the trailer

In the new footage, Sonic can be seen doing some flashy dashes and basic kicks to enemies. These made fans clamor in the comment section, stating that there’s potential seen in combat if done right. Especially with the updated enemy designs that fans seemingly like. Some unexplained mechanics are also present, like the hamster wheel like apparatus that Sonic uses.

Fan feedback for the trailer has been great thus far. With only some voicing their worries over in reaction videos. Some of the worries stem from how Sonic Team handled Sonic Forces and how the Sonic model looks eerily similar in both games. Other than that, some issues with the stiffness of the game also sprung up, but this may just be because the game is still early in development.

Sega Drops Teaser for New Sonic Frontiers: A Resurgence for 3D Sonic?

Sonic running on what resembles a techno hamster wheel

Sega has had a bit of an up and down with Sonic media recently. In the movies department, they’re doing great. But for the games however, things aren’t all that smooth. Recently, however, Sonic Frontiers brought new hope for long-time fans.

The game is set in an open world making it a first for any Sonic game. Even if the market of the genre is a bit saturated right now, it’d be a fresh new take to bring Sonic into. Furthermore, Sonic’s speed could alleviate some problems the genre has. But only time will tell how an open world take on Sonic would fare.

IGN First - Sonic Frontiers Teaser

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