Secretlab partners with Cloud9

The often neglected segment of eSports is the comfort. Can't win any competition when you sit on what is the equivalent of a pile of rocks. Well fear no more, SecretLab and Cloud9 unite to bring eSports into the land of ultimate comfort.

Secret Lab partners with Cloud9
Today, Secretlab the computer chair manufacturing company has announced a partnership with the North American esports organization Cloud9. 

Cloud9 is best known for fielding many eSports teams for games like Overwatch, Heartstone, League of Legends and many other. Secretlab, on the other hand, produces what are arguably among the best gaming chairs available on the market.

What this partnership does is apply the Cloud9 signature logo design to the Omega 2018 and Titan chair lineup for a fusion that both looks amazing and is insanely comfortable. A testament to their comfort is definitely the fact that the entire Cloud9 company and all its staff members decided to switch over to these chairs to keep them comfy during long hours of streaming and training.

The Cloud9-editions are now available for direct sale on the official Secretlab website.

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