Secretlab launches an all-new 2020 gaming chair series

The Secretlab family of chairs is expanding with the 2020 series featuring new and improved variants of the awarded Omega and Titan chair models. And yes, you can get them in almost all the materials and awesome patterns like the previous models.
Secretlab launches an all-new 2020 gaming chair series

Secretlab launches an all-new 2020 gaming chair series

Secretlab is a Singapore-based company that specializes in gaming seats and chairs. In just a short amount of time since its inception, the company has taken the gaming world by storm, landing huge deals with eSport organizations, world-famous sports stars, huge TV and film production companies and more.

It’s honestly no wonder since they are like the Ferrari of chair world and their products are as premium as they come. Their Omega 2018 model almost got a perfect score in our review half a year ago and now it seems Secretlab is aiming for that perfect 10 with a new and improved 2020 chair series. How exactly did they improve the almost perfect chair?

Well, first off, they heavily invested in research and development and improved both their Omega and Titan models to such a degree that they are now confident enough to offer a 5-year warranty! Furthermore, the 2020 series has made over 20 changes when compared to the 2018 model. The most significant of which are the following:

  • More durable, higher quality Secretlab PRIME™ polyurethane leather filled with firm, yet comfortable cold-cure foam
  • full-metal armrests adjustable in four directions
  • improved memory foam pillows with integrated cooling gel

Other improvements are more subtle with minor cosmetic and build quality changes to really further push the awesome seating experience. The 2020 series will also come in almost all the materials and variants the 2018 model came in. That means you’ll still be able to put your behind in Dark Knight, Game of Thrones and other awesome chair variants while reaping the benefits of the new series.

So, feast your eyes on these images and hop on over to Secretlab’s website to get one for yourself. You can thank us later.

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