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Second Wartile Giveaway!

Our second Wartile giveaway is up and running! This time we offer you a chance to win 1 out of 15 keys. Aren't familiar with the game? Wartile is a real time strategy game where miniature figures use their strengths and special abilities to gain the upper hand on the playing field.

Second Wartile Giveaway!

We HAVE 15 WARTILE KEYS FOR you worth $250 altogether!

Experience a living, breathing tabletop video game that invites the player into a miniature universe full of small adventures, Norse mythology, and challenges that require real-time strategical decisions.

To get more info on the game, you can check the Wartile Preview by our writer Kion Karimi. The preview features both text and video, so you won't miss any details about this unique tabletop RTS. Kion liked the time he spent playing the game. He says that "WARTILE is an exhilarating game from start to finish and while it is still an early access game I can guarantee that you will be wanting more."

The developers have recently released a new massive update for the game. You can read more about it in the recent blog postBeing an Early Access game, Wartile has Very Positive reviews, and you can buy it on Steam with a 15% discount to support its developers in case you don't win a key.

Second Wartile Giveaway">​​​

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