Season 2 of The Cuphead Show Premieres This Summer

Welcome back to the Inkwell Isles! Less than two weeks after season 1 was released, Studio MDHR announced that the Cuphead Show season 2 will be available on Netflix already this summer. Featuring more of Cuphead and Mugman’s antics, the new season will have plenty to cover where the first episodes left off.

Season 2 of the Cuphead Show premieres this summerThe announcement of season 2 of The Cuphead Show did not come out of thin air. Netflix had commissioned 36 episodes, of which just the first 12 became available on February 18th. Although the second season was already likely to appear some time, it turned out to be much faster than expected. Studio MDHR announced that the season would drop already this summer.

Although there are no official trailers of the second season yet, it will likely continue where the first season left off. In the first episodes, the show introduced various story arcs and character dynamics. Although some characters of the original Cuphead game have already appeared in spotlight roles, many characters are yet to make their grand debuts. Whether that will happen in the upcoming season, time will tell. 

The first season mostly received positive audience feedback, although critics commonly pointed out that the show lacked substance. The first season set up its sequel to fix some of the current shortcomings. Season 2 can flesh out the relations between various characters and deepen the story elements of season 1. Will the Devil get Cuphead’s soul? How will Cuphead and Mugman escape from the sticky situation they’re in at the end of season 1? What will happen to other beloved characters in the show, such as the flamboyant King Dice? There are lots of questions that the second season is poised to answer.

The timing of season 2 of The Cuphead Show fits well with the release of another addition to the game. After years of development, the DLC The Delicious Last Course is set to release on June 30th. The DLC introduces a new playable character, Ms. Chalice, who plays a large role in the animated series as well. It is as of yet unknown to which extent the content of the DLC will be present in the Netflix show, but the careful timing will likely result in a small renaissance for the franchise next summer.

THE CUPHEAD SHOW! | Official Trailer | Netflix

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