Seagate Saves Your Space Woes With 4TB Hard Drive

There’s a lot of us out there with the original model of the PS4. That would be those gaming junkies who bought their PS4 pretty close to release day. That means all we got was 500GB. With the last update for PS4 now asking for 350MB to burn in the background, and our games expansion passes taking up as much as 120GB is some cases; we’ve been suffering a little.

Seagate Saves Your Space Woes With 4TB Hard Drive
Seagate says suffer no more! Available now, you can pick up the 4TB hard drive for an average price of around $130. Think back to the mid 2000’s and how much a 4GB RAM stick would cost for your gaming rig – this is a great price!

What’s more, this drive is designed specifically for the PS4. That means no format issues. Better still, if you’re a gamer with just 500GB capacity in your PS4, just remember this piece of kit expands your storage capabilities eight times! No more gritting of the teeth and uninstalling your last favourite game for the next one. 

Take caution, however. Once synced with your PS4, Seagate’s 4TB GameDrive should be used with your PS4 only as the aforementioned format and syncing issues will plague you if you ever plug it into a PC. For screen captures and video transfers, best use a different drive for that. KeenGamer recommends the Transcend 500GB HDD Drive for file transfers.

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