Scuderia Glickenhaus Need A “Fair Royalty” To Be Used In Gran Turismo 7

While Gran Turismo 7 is in development, Scuderia Glickenhaus has already gone to the public and stated what they want in order to be playable in the game. The brand is an exceptional track-car and would be a fine addition to the car roster.

Scuderia Glickenhaus Require A Gran Turismo 7 is currently in development, yet, we don’t know how far the studio in Japan has come. However, we do know it’s a long time until release. We’re looking ahead of 8k resolution gameplay, 120 frames per second and real-time ray tracing. Recently, Polyphony Digital went out on Twitter to ask what car fans would like to see on the cover of the box of Gran Turismo 7. Among the long list of cars that people suggested, one person suggested the Scuderia Glickenhaus, a road-legal GT-racer.

However, Scuderia Glickenhaus gave the following response on Twitter:

Usually, when adding a car into video games, the manufacturer must agree upon a contract, which both game developer and car manufacturer sign. It’s like Forza’s collaborations over the past years. Otherwise, game developers pay to use cars in a game or the other way round. In this case, Scuderia Glickenhaus want money, which then leaves it up to Polyphony Digital whether they consider it worth adding or not. Turn 10, developer of Forza, explained the licensing process for a racing game. A manufacturer’s budget plays a huge role. Scuderia Glickenhaus may be lacking of money which could lead to a denial of licensing. 

As Glickenhaus mentioned, this applies to all games and not Gran Turismo specifically. They’re also pointing out that they require the same amount as other manufacturers get. The reason for pointing that out could be that the brand has been offered contract previously, but denied due to low payment. There’s nothing confirmed though. We will see in eventual future whether the car will appear in Gran Turismo 7 or not.

Gran Turismo 7 - Announcement Trailer | PS5

A denial of licensing between game developer and car manufacturer has occurred many times. Usually, it comes down to costs, but other times it could be exclusive license to certain game developer or fear of ruining manufacturers reputation. But in the end of the day, a racing game will always contain a great and diverse set of cars.

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