Scream Your Way Into a Prize Pack from Bloober Team

To celebrate the spooky Halloween season in the best way possible, the Bloober Team are allowing gamers to participate for the chance to win a Horror Game Prize Pack! To help gamers get in the Halloween mood, the cyberpunk masterpiece, >observer_, will be going on Sale at 15% off from October 23rd through to November 2nd.

Scream Your Way Into a Prize Pack from Bloober Team
Accompanied with this sale, Aspyr will be running a promotion to see who can deliver the best blood curdling scream during an >observer_ or Layers of Fear recorded playthrough. It can be live, pre-recorded, or even staged if entrants are the intrepid type!

TL;DR player's can scream their head off for a chance to win a ton of horror games. Here comes the catch. Once entrants have their scream recorded they can clip it on Twitch, upload it on YouTube, or highlight it on a shareable video platform of their choice. On November 14th, Aspyr will choose one grand prize winner and four runners-up! Check out these streamer favourites in the video linked below. 


  1. Grand Prize: Steam copies of >observer_, Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition, Fahrenheit, Blands 2 GOTY, COD Black Ops and all Expansions
  2. A choice of one title from the grand prize pack (see number one) (PS4/Xbox One versions available for Layers of Fear or >observer_)

Entry Rules

  1. Entrants must create an Aspyr account to be eligible to win
  2. The video clip must be of the entrant – no clipping a video from another gamer channel
  3. Entrants must use the hashtag #StreamerScream in their Tweet to be eligible
  4. Entrants may also post their entry on Twitter, to the appropriate thread on the Steam Discussions, or leave a comment on the Aspyr Blog
  5. Content must follow the rules of YouTube/Twitch/Mixer/etc

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