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Scorn Resurfaces As a Next-Gen Horrorscape

Scorn has resurfaced from the dark abyss as an Xbox Series X next-gen title. A grotesque new trailer showed the game isn't dead despite the atmosphere. The trailer showed off several dark and ominous scenes, but offered little in the way of gameplay footage.

Scorn Game Cover

Scorn has resurfaced after almost two years of silence as a next-gen option. The Giger-inspired Horror title showcased several revolting scenes of creatures, statues, and other oddities in the world for the player to explore. While no gameplay was shown, the trailer did announce the game’s foray into the console space via the Xbox Series X.

Ebb Software provided a larger update via Steam regarding some of the communities most asked questions. The title will be available exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC. It will not be coming to Xbox One, so that the team is able to give the game the fidelity that they want to provide their fans.

Scorn, anticipated to be a two-part series, has been in development for nearly five years. The game originated on KickStarter back in 2015 and has since gone through several development updates. In 2018, the game was picked up by Kowloon Nights, an investment fund, to help the development process along.

Scorn Xbox Series X Trailer

Scorn will be available for Xbox Series X and PC upon its release, at a date to be determined. The trailer above is somewhat disturbing, so watch at your own risk.

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