Scarface: Empire Gameplay Leaks Online

A gameplay video has recently leaked online showing gameplay for the cancelled Scarface: Empire. The game would have been a sequel to Scarface: The World Is Yours and looks as though it was pretty far along on development when it was cancelled.

Scarface: Empire Gameplay Leaks Online

Scarface: Empire would have been a direct sequel to 2006’s Scarface: The World Is Yours. Like the original, the sequel would have also been developed by Radical Entertainment. Judging by recent Scarface: Empire gameplay leaks, shown in a YouTube video, this title was actually further along than was originally thought.

Over the years, there have been whispers that a sequel to Scarface: The World Is Yours existed, but its legitimacy has always been in question. However, we now know for a fact that this title was being developed and must have been cancelled fairly far into its development cycle.

Scarface 2 Gameplay Footage (2008) | Cancelled Game (1/2)

The original game was an adaptation/sequel to the classic 1983 crime film and it came to PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC when it released back in 2006. Presumably, the sequel would have released for all of the same systems as the first game did. The World Is Yours was notable for featuring the likeness and voice of the movie’s iconic star; Al Pacino.

Whilst the game is probably pretty dated by today’s standards, it was full of explosive fun and clever references to the movie. This leads one to wonder why the sequel was cancelled given that the original was so well-received. It turns out that the project was cancelled when Radical Entertainment became a part of Activision.

Mafia Game Videos is the name of the leaker who posted this video on their YouTube channel. According to the leaker’s source, at the time, Activision felt like it had too many open-world titles in on its roster. Apparently, the publisher didn’t feel that the Scarface series was one worth continuing.

Some of the aspects mentioned which would have been included in Scarface: Empire sound as though they would have been interesting. For example, the fact that the game would have taken place in Las Vegas. The plot of the sequel would have featured Tony leaving Miami to set up shop in Vegas. Once where, he would take over a newly built casino and run his drug business out of the back.

The video linked above shows Tony shooting his way across the Vegas streets and escaping from the cops. The video also shows off a variety of different lighting tests, which tell us that the game would have featured a night and day system. It also displays an interesting mechanic called, “second chance,” which would take place after Tony is shot too many times. 

Radical Entertainment went on to develop the comic book-inspired open world game Prototype during the following generation. The Scarface: Empire footage is from the 6th of June 2008, which is just around a year prior to Prototype’s release.

What do you make of the Scarface: Empire gameplay leaks? Is this a project that you would have liked to see come to fruition? Let us know in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter, which is linked in my bio below.

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