Scalebound to be revived as Nintendo Switch exclusive

In January 2017, Microsoft Studios put out the fires of Scalebound after subsequent delays in production on Platinum Games' end. The sudden cancellation inflamed disappointment among a sea of Xbox One fans. Now, Nintendo Insider has revealed that Scalebound has been reignited as a Switch exclusive.

Scalebound, the action role-playing game scrapped by Microsoft Studios as an Xbox One exclusive in 2017 following its reveal at E3 2014, is rumored to have risen from the ashes.

According to anonymous sources from Nintendo Insider, Scalebound has been revived as a Nintendo Switch exclusive project. Whether production on the game will continue from where Platinum Games left off before Microsoft cancelled it or start from square one remains to be seen. Either way, Game Informer senior editor Imran Khan hinted on Kinda Funny Games that Scalebound is likely "the game that's thought to be dead that Nintendo's reviving" prior to the Nintendo Direct stream last week.

The original plot of Scalebound follows Drew, a headphone-sporting young man who, while exploring the world of Draconis, is bonded to a fearsome and noble dragon named Thuban, the last one of its kind. Together, they must defend Draconis against enemies who seek to destroy it.

Scalebound Gameplay Demo - 5 Minutes of Scalebound Gameplay From Gamescom 2015

Interesting fact: Months after they cancelled production on Scalebound, Microsoft renewed the trademark for the game, but they abandoned the filing because they didn't explicitly state what they would use the trademark for. That may have prompted Nintendo to collaborate with Platinum Game to get Scalebound up and running and release it on the Switch in the foreseeable future.

In most cases, when games get cancelled due to delays and other unforeseen circumstances, they never see the light of day again. Scalebound may prove to be an exception to that rule–if the rumors of its resurrection come true.

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