Saucer-Like arrives at Steam Greenlight

Beatifull hand painted graphic adventure Saucer-Like arrives today at Steam Greenlight to get the support and votes from the community. Saucer-Like, developed by Spanish indie studio Fosfatina, is more than a video game, it is an animist fable. A reflection on the role of the individual in society.

Saucer-Like arrives at Steam Greenlight
Saucer-Like is developed under Unity engine and will feature classic Point & Click mechanics. The game will take the player to travel around many beautiful scenarios made entirely by hand and set in medieval Japan. Over 40 hand-painted stages wrapped in a twilight atmosphere, an absorbing and immersive story and strengthened by an emotional OST.

The protagonist of the story, Yanagi, is a teenager who wakes up one morning knowing that he is facing the most transcendental day of his life. Yanagi must make an irrevocable decision, which could unite him or separate him from his clan forever. Meanwhile, the rest of the villagers deal with this same decision and the consequences it will have for them, as once the inevitable ritual begins, there will be no going back.

The title will be available in January 2017 and will have texts in Spanish, English, German, French and Russian. You can support the game on Steam Greenlight.

Check out the trailer and some screenshots:

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