Samorost 3 – Release Date and new trailer

Amanita Design, developer of well-known Machinarium and Botanicula, announced yesterday the release date of their next game Samorost 3.

Samorost enjoying the night
Amanita Design is a Czech independent developer founded in 2003 by Jakub Dvorský. He is the father of the first game of Samorost which was made as a final work at Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague.

Released date of the third part of this adventure series Samorost is known since Friday. Samorost 3 will be released on March 24th for PC and Mac. Amanita Design announced the exact day with the new Released Date Trailer.

Next to the Samorost series, Amanita Design have created also successful and beautiful point-and-click adventure game Machinarium and Botanicula.

Samorost 3 Official Trailer

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