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Rust Underwater Update Expands the Seas

Multiplayer-only survival game, Rust, just got a pretty significant expansion. In the Rust Underwater update, gritty, procedural lab dungeons slumber beneath the waves. Players can get two types of submarines to help explore the deep, sharks guard some of the treasure lost in the abyss, and more.

Rust Underwater Update Expands the Seas

Facepunch Studios has unveiled the Rust Underwater update, highlighting some of its major new features. Players can now explore procedural underwater labs. You can also now get your hands on submarines (both single and dual-seat varieties).

Furthermore, the Handmade Fishing Rod is now available with eight new types of fish to catch. You’ll also need your trusty speargun, as the rewards of the deep may not rest alone. Dive sites may contain a shark patrolling the area, making treasure hunting dangerous.


Rust Underwater – Lab Dungeons

The new labs in Rust Underwater are full, procedurally generated dungeons. Resting on the ocean floor, they come in tons of arrangements. The update post says that they currently always have two entry points. So it sounds like that may change in the future. Inside, players will be faced with some puzzles. Meanwhile, hostile NPCs lurk in the corridors!

Players can also plan their exploration, as the underwater labs have CCTV cameras. You can connect to these to get useful Intel on the area. Additionally, microphones found in certain rooms can broadcast your commands to the entire network of the base. Your map has also been improved, allowing you to see the layout of each floor.

The Rust Underwater lab in the image above is reminiscent of Subnautica. However, the two games are fundamentally different. The former is multiplayer only. Meanwhile, the latter is the opposite and takes place almost entirely in the ocean.

Submarines and Torpedoes

The Rust Underwater update also allows players to buy submarines at fishing villages. They come in one and two-person models. The dual-seat model has internal fuel access. Additionally, it sports an instrument cluster including rudimentary sonar. You can also swap seats. Meanwhile, the single-person sub has external fuel access with no instruments. Like other things in Rust, they will decay after a time. This happens faster if a sub is left in deep water. Conversely, when parked indoors while not in deep water, subs will not decay at all.

Both models also have torpedo tubes installed. Like the subs themselves, torpedoes can be purchased at fishing villages. Furthermore, players can also craft them. Torpedoes come in two distinct types. The direct variety launch in a straight line from your sub. Meanwhile, the surface torpedoes will seek the water’s surface and speed across it.


Underground Rail Network – Side Tunnels

Prior to the Rust Underwater update, work carts spawned in front of rail platforms. The developers say this was a temporary solution. However, now there are side tunnels with connected maintenance rooms. These are where the work carts spawn from now on. Players will need to find a door with a green “Maintenance Room” sign. The subsequent corridor will lead you to a work cart.

Additionally, the developer also fixed a prevalent issue. Players couldn’t quite jump back onto a rail platform before, but now you can. This should make life a bit easier should you fall off a rail platform and wish to get back on without seeking stairs.

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