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Rust – Devblog 23

Rust - Devblog 23 - what the devs are doing?

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Here are some changes from the latest devblog. What is happening in the cruel world of Rust?

1. Ambient Lighting Changes

There are changes made in Ambient Lighting which leads to a softer looking lights:

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2. Physics Changes

The physics engine has been updated in Unity 5 and all the rigid bodies are gone which has enormous influence on the server performance.

3. Animals Are Everywhere

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Animals are now EVERYWHERE! 

4. Collider Limit

Unity 4 has a collider limit of 65,000 but Unity 5 has no such a limit. That is a huge step towards "never wiped again" servers.

5. Reflection

Unity 5 added reflection probes.

And many more things like 64bit Editor, Ores now correctly contain metal ore, Goosey has implemented the huge majority of player animations now, Dan’s finished off the new torch model, and modelled the holders for it, Meg has been doing meat concepts again, Howie has been contemplating how we’re going to add roofs to our houses, and what they’ll look like.

And the devs are really excited abou Unity 5 and its bright future for Rust!

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