Runescape launches Premier Club!

Gear up adventurers! Runescape is launching Premier Club, a brand new scheme offering savings and in-game features for both new players, and grizzled veterans looking to renew their ongoing membership. Get the ultimate Runescape experience today!

Runescape launches Premier Club!
There is no doubt Runescape is one of the most popular games around. The long-standing Free-to-Play MMORPG has withstood the test of time, now having two different iterations of the game for two different player bases, along with a worldwide fan base and even its own eSports platform. Continuing this fashion of success and development, 2017 is set to be a massive year for Runescape, with huge updates coming to both iterations of the game, sure to satisfy every type of player out there.

To complement the coming year of change, Runescape developers Jagex have launched the Runescape Premier Club, which offers many benefits for both new and seasoned players. Lets take a look at the benefits for Old School Runescape below:

Bronze Silver Gold
Months Membership 3 6 12
Raids Content Yes Yes Yes
Entry to all tournaments during membership December Deadman Only Yes Yes
VIP Premier Club Forum Access Yes
Price £15.99 GBP
$24.99 USD
5 Runescape Bonds
£27.99 GBP
$44.99 USD
10 Runescape Bonds
£49.99 GBP
$79.49 USD
20 Runescape Bonds

The first question is, is it worth the price? Well, yes, if you are a new adopter of Membership. Current pricing of membership is £5.99 per month, £16.49 per 3 months, £29.99 per 6 months, and £53.99 for a full year. These are all different packages, and offer slight discounts on the previous option, as is a usual format with paid membership. If you are a new member, you will be saving money on every Premier Club package.

However, for people like me that pay monthly and have been doing so for a considerable amount of time, the 3 month package is not cost-efficient. Players who bought membership before the price became £5.99 are paying £4.95/month, This means, if you were to buy the 3 month package, you would be paying an extra £1.15.

That is only for the 3 month package however, which is strategically designed to be the least attractive. If you instead purchase the 12 Month package, you will pay £49.99, instead of the standard 12 month membership price of £53.99, a saving of £4.

If real-life money doesn't sound attractive, you can pay through Runescape bonds. Bonds are a form of redeemable membership that you can buy in-game. In Old School Runescape, bonds cost around 3.3 million in-game gold at the time of writing, meaning that 12 months Premier Club membership on bonds will cost a whopping 66 million in-game gold. This will save you £49.99/$79.49 in real-life money however, which is a great alternative.

All packages have access to Raid content, a huge group PvM experience in the same vein as the World of Warcraft raids of old, which is also open to any other standard membership holder.

Deadman tournaments are the eSports of Old School Runescape, and encourage aggressive PvP with increased levelling speed and a focus on a final battle-royale esque showdown. These tournaments are usually restricted to the top 2000 players from the off-season Deadman Mode, but different packages offer different levels of access, meaning you can get into these tournaments even if you are not within the top 2000. If you are not a PVP player though, like myself, this isn't too attractive.

12 Month Premier Club membership holders have access to the VIP Premier Club Forum, which will be a congregation place for the highest level of Premier Club holders to talk levelling, tactics, bossing and more.

Overall, Premier Club for Old School Runescape offer a good amount of bonuses that will attract certain types of players, and of course, savings on packages you may already be purchasing.

Premier Club is also available for Runescape 3, which you can read about here

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