Rune Factory 5 Is Set for Western Release in 2022

Currently available only in Japan, Rune Factory 5 is announced for a Western release. While true to the franchise's core gameplay mechanics, the latest title marks drastic improvements over previous titles. Meanwhile, there is yet another interesting Rune Factory-related news that will add excitement to the fans.

Rune Factory 5 Is Set for Western Release in 2022 cover

The latest installment in the Rune Factory franchise, Rune Factory 5, is bound for Western release. Coming fresh from the Future Game Show, Xseed Games has set the international release for 2022. Japanese players were already enjoying the game rather exclusively for now. But this is about to change come early next year when the game finally debuts outside of Japan.

In a short trailer as part of the publisher’s presentation, it shows RF5’s gameplay which is a stark improvement over past installments. Primarily, in its shift to full 3D and a more engaging combat system, which features accompanying AIs. There are also additions to the quality of the gameplay experience too, such as the ability to ride a beast for easy transport.

As is true to the franchise’s genre, the latest entry maintains the same core elements, involving farming, building relationships, and dungeon-crawling adventure. To the unaware, Rune Factory is essentially a farming game with a focus on combat and traveling across perilous places for loots.

It is not just the only news about the franchise, however. Another interesting bit of information also speaks of an upcoming DLC for the Nintendo Switch port, Rune Factory 4 Special. This should make for an interesting pre-occupation while waiting for RF5.

Rune Factory 5 - E3 2021 Trailer - Nintendo Switch