Rumour: Yet Another Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Leak Emerges

More Marvel's Spider-Man 2 leaks have appeared on Reddit. The unofficial details highlight some narrative info, as well as general gameplay features and DLC plans. According to the leak, a full reveal has been pushed to late Summer, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rumour: Yet Another Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Leak

A tone of new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 leaks have dropped, via Reddit. The leaker has since deleted their account.

I’ve reported on several rumours and leaks regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but we just got a massive (unconfirmed) info drop. The leaked information comes by way of Reddit user throwawayquaratine8 who claims to have a ‘contact’ involved with the game’s development in some way. This contact allegedly took part in a Zoom meeting call where some juicy details were shared. According to the throwaway account, the game’s reveal has been pushed back to late Summer, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic


  • There are seven different types of weather, including heavy snow, light snow and light rain.
  • Snowfall can build up on your suit and footsteps will be left in the snowy streets
  • There will be an increase in smaller side quests called “Dynamic Missions”, including grabbing balloons, a pleasant nod of the cap to Spider-Man 2
  • Peter Parker can now walk around the city, not merely interiors 
  • Miles Morales has playable missions and his own Spidey suit
  • You can now travel to the Statue of Liberty  (Prior leaks have also mentioned the Queens and Brooklyn as new areas)
  • Every Spidey suit will have a Symbiotic version


  • Both Peter Parker and MJ now work at the Daily Bugle 
  • J Jonah Jameson no longer has a podcast and has returned to the Daily Bugle
  • A Symbiote plays a significant role in the story. This isn’t Venom, but a Proto-Venom, according to the contact 
  • Harry Osburne will combine with the Symbiote, but is cured in some way. This introduction will open up a future Eddie Brock storyline who will also be a character you interact with 
  • DareDevil and Johnny Blaze (the Human Torch) will appear in several side quests. The Human Torch’s missions will see you race Johnny
  • Like the original, Insomniac has three DLC story packs planned. Morpheus, Carnage and Wraith will be the focus of these expansions, respectively

My Spidey Senses Are Tingling 

If these Marvel's Spider-Man 2 leaks are right, we'll see Miles Morales suit up in his own missions.

If these Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 leaks are right, we’ll see Miles Morales suit up in his own missions.

All this sounds fabulous, but is there any validity behind it all? Though I can’t give a definite answer, there does seem to be a pattern emerging. The submitter of this Reddit post has a very familiar moniker to the March leaker. The anonymous poster also claimed to have a ‘contact’ within the developer or PlayStation. Whether we’re in for a surprise or disappointment, Summer isn’t far away, so we’ll find out soon.

If you’ve not played Marvel’s Spider-Man, then you’re missing out on one of the PS4’s greatest games. It was added to PlayStation Now earlier this month, so swinging through the New York skyline has never been more accessible. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man - PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available both physically and digitally on PS4. 

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