Rumour: The Harry Potter RPG Game Slated for a 2021 Release?

The long-rumored Harry Potter RPG game may finally have some indication of when it's due to fly into our lives. A voice actor has recently been in contact with Warner Bros. regarding the game, and they've hinted at the future of the game.

Rumour: The Harry Potter RPG Tentatively Slated for a 2021 Release? Cover

Ever since the leaked alpha footage of the Harry Potter RPG game was released to the internet, all fans – and even non-fans – have been sent stir-crazy. The legendary world of magic and muggles is something that people have wanted to transition to the video game world, but like this. Yes, there have always been film tie-ins, but they generally don’t come within a mile of reaching the greatness of the films. But now, thanks to a credible source, the Harry Potter RPG game maybe flying onto shelves sooner than we thought.

Our golden snitch, Reddit-user – CorGrahven – claims that he’s been in contact with Warner Bros. regarding subtitle localization for the game. They’ve hinted towards a 2021 release, meaning Harry may be spellbinding people on next-gen!

Game will likely to come out 2021 from HarryPotterGame

The Harry Potter franchise was a worldwide treasure from the moment its first book was released. With the most recent video game release – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – proving to be a success, the only thing fans would want to truly cement its legacy is an open-world RPG covering every aspect of the series. The Triwizard Tournament, Quidditch Cups, Potions classes, and a smorgasbord of missions and side missions with all your favourite characters, spanning 60+ hours. With Warner Bros. firmly behind the project, the Harry Potter RPG game could truly be a generation-defining game.


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