Rumour: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Info Leaked On Reddit

New leaked details of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 have emerged on Reddit. None of these details are official, but they do corroborate prior rumours that discussed the game's narrative and gameplay. The sequel will reportedly be announced this Summer, with a 2021 release window.

Rumour: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Info Leaked On Reddit

We have newly leaked info about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, so prepare your pinch of salt.

A new rumour is surrounding Insomniac Game’s hotly-anticipated sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man, corroborating a prior leak we reported on in January. This leak shares much the same info as its predecessor but does elaborate somewhat on the game’s narrative. The leaker, who’s throwaway account is named Utopianthrowaway90 claims that the game will have a Summer reveal, followed by a 2021 release, adding that it’ll be an entirely single-player game. The story will take place during Winter and will increase the game’s world by adding Queen and Brooklyn. Peter Parker will remain the lead protagonist, but Mile Morales will play a more significant role. As with any leak or rumour we report, please keep your reaction measured. This isn’t official, and could well be an elaborate ruse. Then again, it might not.

Venom Might Be The Main Villan

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will hopefully not have the long loading screens of its predecessor.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will hopefully not have the long loading screens of its predecessor.

Harry Osborn will apparently be Venom in the sequel, though Eddie Brock will play a major role in the narrative. On the gameplay side, players might be able to seamlessly switch between Peter and Miles, thanks to the power of the PS5. This mechanic may be scrapped before the final release, however. Spider-Man will be able to enter interiors, introducing new traversal mechanics. When it comes to web-swinging, the leaker brings up something called the “web-chain”, that would allow you to pre-map your swings.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was my game of the year for 2018 and offers one of the PS4’s best single-player experiences. As we say in our review, Marvel’s Spider-Man is easily the web-slingers best game, but it also takes its rightful place with the Batman: Arkham franchise, as one of the greatest superhero games ever made. There is no doubt we will see a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The question is, when. Perhaps we won’t have to wait so long to find out.  

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available both physically and digitally on PS4.

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