Rumour: Is Rockstar Hinting At GTA 6 In New Artwork?

Recently updated artwork on Rockstar's website may be pointing at a new game announcement, maybe even GTA 6. The artwork has caused a flurry of theories, despite the thin evidence. Could Rockstar Games be about to reveal a new title for current or next-generation consoles? Let's examine the evidence.

Rumour: Is Rockstar Games hinting at GTA 6 in new artwork

Is Rockstar Games teasing GTA 6?

Few franchises get gamers as excited as Grand Theft Auto, one of gaming’s greatest IPs. Every week we seem to get a new rumour or unofficial leak, and this week is no different. Rockstar Games has updated the artwork on its homepage, which has eagle-eyed fans believing that a big announcement is near. The artwork in question shows a gold-plated android, hugging the developer’s logo. Beside it lies an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne, unopened. If you zoom in on the bottle’s label, the date 1998 can be seen. As if to add fuel to the theory fire, a video on Rockstar’s official YouTube channel has been added but remains locked for an unknown reason, though this is likely more content for GTA: Online.

It Makes Sense For Rockstar To Start Teasing GTA 6

Anything involving unannounced Rockstar titles must be taken with a pinch of salt. The developer is known for its teasing approach to marketing. Rockstar is one of the few companies that doesn’t need to worry about release schedules, because a near-pristine track record has shown quantifiable success, above any other media product, in the shape of GTA 5. The studio is going through changes, however. Earlier this year, co-founder Dan Houser departed from the company, leaving many fans and investors worried about the future.

Could Rockstar be beginning the teasing process for its next game, counteracting any misgivings in the community? Rockstar has released just one current-generation game over the past seven years, excluding remasters of previous titles, so the time seems right for a new instalment. The developer will no doubt have one or several games in development for next-generation. To have GTA 6 as a launch title for both consoles would be beyond exciting. 

If you’re itching for some open-world fun, GTA 5 is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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