Rumour: Acting Résumé Leaks Grand Theft Auto VI?

An acting resume may have just confirmed the existence of Grand Theft Auto VI. Jorge Consejo is allegedly voicing a character called "The Mexican", having done the work in 2018. Consejo has taken to Twitter to inform fans that he is unable to discuss unannounced projects.

Rumour: GTA 6 unofficially confirmed by Actor's resume

An acting résumé may have leaked the existence of Grand Theft Auto VI.

The last few weeks have been a deluge of potential leaks involving the next instalment in the GTA franchise. Mexican actor Jorge Consejo listed his involvement with the game, stating that he add done voice work for a character called “The Mexican” in Grand Theft Auto VI. This work appears to have taken place back in 2018, suggesting that the game has been in active development for some time; not surprising, considering Rockstars tendency to take their time when developing. Consejo took to his Twitter, explaining he couldn’t discuss anything further due to “contract stipulations”. He doesn’t outright deny his involvement, suggesting that Mr Consejo may be our first concrete proof of the game’s existence. The developer hasn’t commented on the situation, and it’s doubtful this actor will make any further comment until an official reveal.

Is An Official Announcement Near?

Fans expect the franchise to return to Vice City for Grand Theft Auto VI

Fans expect the franchise to return to Vice City for Grand Theft Auto VI.

So, what does all of this mean? We’ve assumed that Rockstar has been deep into the development stages of a game. Consejo’s noncommittal reaction goes a long way towards proving that the game is Grand Theft Auto VI. Last week a rumour started swirling around of an LA: Noire sequel. Could the developer have two games in development? Sure, but there seems little credit in this sequel rumour, regardless of how much fans want one. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for eighteen months, but public interest is a fickle thing. Fans are hungry to see what’s next from one of the best studios in the business.

A list of propertied story and gameplay information leaked on Reddit last year and has since been deleted. It was claimed that Rockstar had taken inspiration from the Netflix series, Narcos. This series chronicles the rise of the Columbian and Mexican cartels. The game was to take place in 70s/80s Vice City and an undisclosed part of central America. The gaming media widely ridiculed these leaks, but they don’t look so stupid now. Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait until these leaks are proved or disproved.

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