Rumor: The Outer Worlds 2 is in Development

A rumor has started that The Outer Worlds 2 is in development from a known industry insider. Whether it is true or not, Obsidian is a busy company. Right now, it is continuously working on Grounded, which is in Early Access, and Avowed, a new RPG that is being developed.

Rumor: The Outer Worlds 2 is in Development

Industry insider Daniel Ahmad let loose a rumor on Twitter yesterday (October 11) that The Outer Worlds 2 is in development. He said this in response to the news that the first, and for now, the only game is heading to Steam. Currently, the alleged project is in pre-production, according to the senior analyst at Niko Partners.

While Ahmad is credible with his track record of tweeting about information within the industry, we caution readers to take a few grains of salt with them before jumping on any hype trains. Obsidian has a lot on its plate lately. First, it has Grounded, a survival game that came out to Early Access back in July. Secondly, it announced Avowed in the same month. The new IP will be a fantasy RPG with all of the hallmarks of the studio’s take on RPGs.

The busy schedule will mean that any potential sequel to The Outer Worlds will have to wait. The game had its first DLC released back in September with Peril on Gorgon, which offers new quests and a new planet to explore called Gorgon.

The company has been on people’s minds lately due to Microsoft acquiring Zenimax, meaning Obsidian could work on another Fallout entry as it did with New Vegas back in 2010. That said, it does not mean any guarantees as it would be left to Bethesda to letting that happen.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon - Official Announcement Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2020

What do you think of the rumor that The Outer Worlds 2 is in development? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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