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Rumor: The Next FFXIV Endwalker Job Might Be the Templar

A rumor circulating the FFXIV community has put things together and concluded that there's a high chance that the next job would be the Templar. They arrived at this conclusion with the help of the game producer's shirt that he wore during the FFXIV announcement showcase.

Rumor: The Next FFXIV Endwalker Job Might Be The Templar Cover

Yes, you read that right. The FFXIV community has theorized that the next Endwalker job will be the Templar. They pieced things together using Naoki Yoshida’s, more fondly known as Yoshi-P’s, shirt during the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase. A Reddit thread has been made in the official Final Fantasy XIV subreddit titled Mystery melee DPS solved! This thread contained an image that shows how the user arrived at that conclusion.

I guess he solved it.

I guess he solved it.

The image might be a little hard to see so I’m going to put it in bullets so you can follow:

  • Naoki Yoshida is wearing a shirt with “The Filth and The Fury” printed on it
  • The Filth and The Fury is a documentary that follows the story of the Sex Pistols
  • The documentary is directed by Julien Temple
  • Temple → Templar

And that’s it! Mystery solved according to the post. This seems like a far stretch, right? People in the Reddit thread are reminding people about a similar case that happened when Yoshi-P wore a Spider-Man t-shirt during the reveal of the Stormblood Expansion.

Another user explained why that is:

This piece of information seemed important as Yoshi-P wore a shirt that said “No Comment” before presenting the newly revealed Sage class, then after the showcase, Yoshi-P can already be seen wearing the shirt in question. His translator even put emphasis on it pointing to the shirt, to which Yoshi-P just replied with “I was hot.” Now, with all of this said, this is just a rumor by the community and the developers have no comment (no pun intended) on it yet. Take this with a grain of salt.

You know what shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt, though? Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker‘s release in Fall 2021!

If I could comment something regarding the trailer’s music, it felt grunge-inspired and I love grunge. All right, I’ll stop here before I start blabbing about how much I love Final Fantasy, especially XIV‘s music.

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    People will go to serious lengths to pretend Hades isn’t watching and helping from the lifestream.


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