RUMOR: Smash Bros. Port for Switch Leaks

Rumored for a few months now, possible images of Smash 4 on the Switch have surfaced. Are they real or fake? Check them out and let us know!

Back when there were many rumors swirling around about the Nintendo Switch, one commonly mentioned game was a port of the most recent installment of Super Smash Bros. Images have recently surfaced of the possible game, and while they may have not come from the most trust worthy site (4chan), they are rather convincing.  For instance the Paper Mario stage seems to be completely remade as well as various locations from "Smash Run".  

Whats also interesting about this is both "Smash Run" and the Paper Mario stage are both exclusive to the 3DS version of the game.  Should these images be the real deal we can expect Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch to be a combination of the 3DS and WiiU releases, somewhat similar to how the port of Mario Kart 8 included all the DLC.  The final image is of Yoshi in what seems to be a character specific "Break the Targets" stage, so we could anticipate the return of those stages as well.  It is very possible that we could be seeing this game announced during E3 in just a couple days, after all, the final Amiibo are set to be released in July, giving Nintendo plenty of time hype up the launch.  

Do you believe these images are real?  Even if they're not can we expect a port of Smash 4 to come to the Switch?  Let us know in the comments!  
The remade Paper Mario stage
Split screen Smash Run?
Smash Run was a 3DS exclusive, until now?
The return of character specific Break the Targets?

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    This has been proven to be fake.


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