Rumor: Nintendo Is Ramping Up Switch Production

If a new rumor proves to be correct, Nintendo could manufacture as many as 18 million Switch units by the end of its financial year in March 2018. Their biggest challenge for achieving this is finding enough LCD screens.

Rumor: Nintendo Is Ramping Up Switch Production
According to a subscriber-exclusive report from The Financial Times, Nintendo could be manufacturing as many as 18 million units of the Switch by the end of its financial year, aka March 2018, to prevent “customer tantrums” that may occur during stock shortages, notably during the holiday season.

This may be an issue, however, as the publisher's efforts to up its manufacturing may be stumbled by a shortage of LCD screens. Only time will tell if the company will truly be able to keep up with consumer demand.

The console's recent performance has ushered in a 9-year high in Nintendo’s stock, with many already claiming that Nintendo is back after its absence during the Wii U era. After all, the Switch was the best selling console in Japan last week (and has sold above its competitors every week since launch) and was the U.S.'s top selling console in the month of April.

Will the Switch keep its momentum going? Can it possibly achieve the same success the Wii had? Let us know in the comments below!