Rumor: Leaked Xbox Series S Info Could Spell Trouble for Sony

Rumors suggest the Xbox Series S (Project Lockhart) could release for as low as $199! This could be a groundbreaking moment for affordability in gaming. Just how will Sony respond with the pricing of their all-digital PlayStation 5?

Reliable leaker of Microsoft plans, Eastmen of the Beyond3D forums, has come out with some very interesting info on Microsoft’s Project Lockhart. Project Lockhart has been assumed by many to be the Xbox Series S, the rumored more affordable entry model to the next-gen Xbox experience. As this is all based on an insider leak, do take this info with a grain of salt. 

If this info is true, Microsoft is looking to really undercut the price of the PlayStation 5. After the awful public relations issues with the launch of the Xbox One, and the issues many had with the price, this shouldn’t be shocking. 

Last I heard it be half the price of the XSX and last I heard MS were prepared for a $400 XSX. I am not sure what the final price will be. I think if sony is $500/$600 MS may try to go in at $200/$400/$500 but we will see

How would this entry model be so cheap you may ask? Well, Eastmen says it will be an all-digital experience, so no blu-ray player and it will have a smaller form-factor with lower specs than the Series X. He goes on to say that Microsoft is looking to become the Netflix of videogames with Gamepass and Project xCloud. One would assume this is how they could make up for the losses they’d be taking on these cheaper console options. Rumors are also saying do not expect to see this at the July Xbox event though, and that it would be launching in the Spring of 2021. 

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