Rumor: Halo MCC PC Port is “Close to Release”

According to Brad Sams, a tech journalist with a solid history of Microsoft related sources and leaks. Halo: The Master Chief Collection has a PC Port in the works that is "Close to Release."

Rumor: Halo MCC PC Port is "Close to Release"
It looks like Xbox could be about to make a huge move on the PC gaming space if rumors are to be believed. Brad Sams, a tech journalist with sources at Microsoft has claimed in a recent video that a Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC port is "close to release." As with any rumour though, take it with grain of salt folks. As noted on Reddit,  Brad Sams does have a track record when it comes to Microsoft related leaks so perhaps this is one rumor worth paying attention too.

We don't have a release date, however. There is an Inside Xbox event on March 12th. Microsoft has also promised an MCC related announcement at SXSW on the 15th of this month. We've even got GDC at the end of the month so there are a few different places where they could announce it.

This also coincides with recent speculation that Microsoft could be working on a way to make Xbox One games playable PC. I won't go into the details but there's an article from Brad Sams here that explains it pretty well. Either way, these rumors of MCC coming to PC and possibly very soon are incredibly exciting. As a former Xbox owner, I have to admit that MCC is probably one of the games I miss the most so a PC version would make me unbelievably happy.

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