ROME: Total War Barbarian Invasion coming to IPad

Feral Interactive announced today that ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion for iPad will be released in March. Developed by Creative Assembly for Windows PC and ported to iOS by Feral Interactive, Barbarian Invasion is a standalone expansion pack for the critically-acclaimed iPad game ROME: Total War.

ROME: Total War Barbarian Invasion coming to IPad
Barbarian Invasion is a game of epic scale, offering players a seamless integration of strategy and tactics to fight spectacular battles, while using diplomacy, subterfuge and assassination to dominate the ancient world. Featuring a campaign set in the declining years of the Roman Empire, players can either hasten its fall as a Barbarian commander or take up arms as a Roman General to extend its civilization in a glorious new epoch.

Just as for ROME: Total War, the iPad version of Barbarian Invasion delivers the entire original desktop game optimised for tablets. Players will enjoy intuitive touch controls, visuals enhanced to take advantage of Retina screens, and even mid-battle autosaves.

“We have been delighted by the reception of ROME: Total War on iPad and we are confident that Barbarian Invasion, bringing as it does a plethora of new tactical options, will be just as well-received,” said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive.

Note: Players do not need to own ROME: Total War to play Barbarian Invasion.
ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion for iPad will be available exclusively via the App Store for £3.99/$4.99/€4.99.

ROME: Total War for iPad is out now at the App Store for £7.99/$9.99/€9.99.

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