Rogue Company Will Be Xbox Series S/X Launch Title, New Character Out Now

Available at launch for Xbox Series S/X, a new character is available today, and they've given us all access to Ranked Beta. These and a slew of other quality of life upgrades are detailed in the latest update, which pairs best while listening to some Outkast albums.

Rogue Company Will Be Xbox Series S/X Launch Title, New Character Out NowHi-Rez Studios has announced that Rogue Company, their free-to-play team shooter will be a launch title for the Xbox Series S/X on November 10th. Players will enjoy full cross-play and cross-save with Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. On the Xbox Series X, the title will run in native [email protected], and [email protected] on Series S.

Beyond the exciting next-gen news, there is a new rogue available to use right now. Fixer, a sniper from Atlanta, arrives sporting a new sniper rifle and new semi-automatic. Check out the announcement trailer and start playing Rogue Company today on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Rogue Company - Cinematic Teaser: The Fixer

Perhaps the most exciting changes that Fixer brings to the game is his new Cluster Smoke gadgets and his unique abilities. His Passive Ability is called Shrapnel Rounds, and every time he damages an enemy with a firearm, they will be slowed for a duration of time.

Fixer’s Active Ability is a bit more exciting. Thermal Vision will cause enemy heat signatures to appear for a period of time when activated. Combine this with his sniper loadout and this might be the best new option for players who prefer to sit back and pick off the pack from a distance.

Did he carry the throne out there for this?

Did he carry the throne out there for this?

In addition to the new character, all players above level 30 now have access to Ranked Beta, a mode designed to test your skills and prove your worth. Eventually featuring full seasons and rewards, currently Ranked will grant players 10% extra Mastery experience, and more rewards will become available for those who play 30 Ranked matches and reach Ranked Level 30 during the beta.

There’s also plenty of quality of life changes, such as some asset cleanup and adjustment on certain maps to improve the flow of the game. Some minor changes were made to weapons and some bugs were taken care of. Something that is a new change that the devs would like feedback on is a change to the Headstrong perk.

This perk pertains to Anvil, Dallas, Gl1tch, Scorch, The Fixer, and Trench. After taking damage and while standing still, players may now repair their armor. It takes three seconds, ends if they move, and they must recover their weapon afterward. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects gameplay, especially with the inclusion of Ranked matches.

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