Rocksteady Teases A New Suicide Squad Game

The developers at Rocksteady teased a new Suicide Squad Game on Twitter. Following news will be unveiled on August 22nd, according to the tweet. Rocksteady is a highly beloved team who previously worked on the Batman Arkham games, and have been rumoured for a while to have been creating a game based on the iconic supervillain group.

Rocksteady Teases A New Suicide Squad Game Cover

The former developers of the Batman Arkham games unveil a brand new DC Comics title of theirs. Just this morning, Rocksteady teased a Suicide Squad game through a new Twitter account. They stated the important date of August 22nd, denoting to when they’ll truly get to uncover the news about this anti-hero game.

The photo shows Superman with a logo on the back of his head, seemingly in the shape of a target. The Suicide Squad is a well known DC villain group, who got their shine in the spotlight with the Hollywood film back in 2016.

For many months, speculation has circled of their next game being Suicide Squad, but it hasn’t been fully confirmed until today. Coincidentally, just a couple months ago, a domain was claimed for not just a Suicide Squad game, but Gotham Knights as well. Gotham Knights has yet to see any substantial news, but DC fans continue to wait on the edge of their seats.

suicide squad game rocksteady batman

Will Batman make an appearance in the new Suicide Squad game?

Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series will inevitably give players high standards for their next title. Their highest ranking title, Batman: Arkham City, received a 96, with the previous title in the trilogy getting a 91. We’ll just have to wait till the 22nd to see what Rocksteady has in store for us.

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