Rockstar Games Releases PC Launcher With A Free Copy of GTA: San Andreas

Rockstar Games has revealed its new game launcher for PC gamers. The GTA developer joins the growing list of industry heavyweights, creating their own launchers. Could this mean an RDR2 PC reveal is just around the corner?

Rockstar Games announces PC launcher with a free copy of GTA: San Andreas included

PC gamers are used to having a verity of game launchers, from heavyweights like Steam &, to relative newcomers like Epic games. Well, get ready to make some space for yet another, because Rockstar has thrown their hat into the ring, announcing their own proprietary games launcher.

At this early stage, the launcher has a limited list of Rockstar games available to purchase through the in-built eshop, including – GTA 5, LA Noir, Max Payne 3, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas & Bully: Scholarship Edition. Users can also purchase shark cards for GTA: Online through the launcher.

You can purchase Rockstar games straight from the launchers inbuilt eshop

You can purchase Rockstar games straight from the launchers inbuilt eshop

The launcher is available right now & you’ll receive a free copy of GTA: San Andreas (for a limited time) just for installing. If you already have GTA 5 or Max Payne 3 installed on your PC, you will now access them from the launcher, once installed. Standard launcher features like cloud saves & automatic updates are also included.

This news will of course lead to people asking “has Rockstar created this launcher in preparation for an imminent Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port reveal?” We reported a few months ago, that information found within the source code of Rockstar’s social club, suggests that the developer is making a PC port. On the other hand, this could simply be Rockstar consolidating their gaming catalogue. I hope this is something more, but only time will tell.

Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits

Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently available on PS4 & Xbox One.

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