Rockstar continue to tease Read Dead Sequel with new image

Rockstar Games have again today released a new image again teasing the Red Dead sequel that many have been waiting for..

Rockstar Games continue to tease us with possible Red Dead Redemption sequel with yet another mysterious image. The image, uploaded today to their social media profiles, contains 7 silhouetted figures, a obvious reference to the western genre classic, "The Magnificent 7"

Red Redemption sequel teaser image
Of course, we are still unsure where Rockstar is heading with this one, with people already theorizing on when, where and what exactly the game will involve. The supposed map leak earlier in the year suggested a earlier setting than Red Dead Redemption's 1911. A prequel featuring John Marston's gang in action? GTA V style swapping between gang members? First Person horse riding? The possibilities are quite exciting, but until Rockstar release more than tantalizing teaser pictures, all we can do it imagine for now.

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