Roblox Servers Go Down for Over a Day

The Roblox servers have been down for over a day now and players have been flocking to Twitter to express their outrage at the lack of their favourite virtual world. Due to the game's Halloween events and daily rewards supposedly going to waste for many players, people are understandably upset. When will the servers return?

Roblox Servers Go Down for Over a Day cover

Popular MMO Roblox sees a huge outage across its servers, preventing any users from playing the game. It has been over thirty hours now and nearly an entire day without any updates from the official Roblox Twitter. Players have stormed to Twitter to express their outrage during the Roblox downtime.

The game is incredibly popular, with over 202 million active monthly users. It has seen a lot of growth in popularity quite recently, especially during the 2020 global pandemic, which saw many people all over the world delving into virtual words more often. Lil Nas X even held a free concert virtually through the game, inviting users all over to join him.

Fans of games such as Adopt Me! and Work at a Pizza Place have been expressing their distraught over losing their in-game streaks for playing daily and missing out on their rewards. Players have also been requesting that developers of the individual games extend their Halloween events due to the outage. Others have been posting memes on Twitter during the downtime.

There have been no indications of when the servers will be back up again, and the lack of communication regarding the outage from the developers has left users quite upset. With any luck, the servers will return in time for people to enjoy the Halloween events once again.

Developers confirmed a while back that they are working hard to get the servers back online as soon as possible. When this will be, however, is entirely unknown. We’re just going to have to play the waiting game and anticipate the game’s return.

You can download Roblox for free on mobile devices, Xbox and PC/Mac when the servers return.

Roblox | Official Trailer (2020)

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