River City Girls 2 Receives First Official Trailer at TGS 2021

Revealed during the Tokyo Game Show, River City Girls 2 has its first official trailer broadcast to the world. Featuring four of the playable characters and their voice actors, it looks to be an enhanced sequel of an already action-packed title. The game is slated to release at some point in 2022.

River City Girls 2 Receives First Official Trailer at TGS 2021 Cover

As part of Arc System Works’ block during the 2021 Tokyo Game Show, the first official trailer for River City Girls 2 was revealed. This trailer, which features short snippets of gameplay, mostly focuses on returning characters Misako and Kyoko, as well as their once-captive boyfriends in Kunio and Riki. Their Japanese voice actors are detailed, as well as some banter between stars Misako and Kyoko.

The game was initially revealed during E3 earlier this year during a Limited Run Games presentation. Along with an updated remaster titled River City Zero, there’s quite a bit of Kunio-kun beat ’em up action coming in the next year or so.

River City Girls 2 Announcement Trailer (TGS 2021)

Developed by WayForward, most notable for their Shantae franchise, the premise for the original title involved Misako and Kyoko attempting to rescue their boyfriends from the clutches of abstract villainy. Not much of the premise for the follow-up game has been provided, though if the developer is any indication, it likely won’t be too serious.

Curiously, the new trailer did not feature much in terms of new characters. WayForward has already revealed a few new additions to the series, who can be seen as playable in snippets of the trailer. Marian from the Double Dragon series (who was a shopkeep in the original title) and Provie from River City Ransom: Underground have both been all but confirmed to be additional fighters.

Players will have to wait and see when and how news will drop of new features coming to the game. A 2022 time window has been provided for a release date, slated for availability on PC, PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox platforms. For more info on the first game, feel free to read this River City Girls review.

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