Rise Nation wins the CWL Open at MLG Vegas

172 teams came to battle it out, but only one remained, as Rise Nation take the championship for the CWL Open at MLG Vegas, getting them one step closer to the chance of winning the first ever CWL Pro League and raising the championship.

Rise Nation wins the CWL Open at MLG Vegas
After three days of gruelling competition, Rise Nation emerged from the rubble to be crowned champions of the Call of Duty CWL Open at MLG Vegas.

172 talented teams battled it out over an action-packed weekend at the CWL Open Championships, all vying for the chance to enter the first CWL Global Pro League Championship, beginning in April 2017. Thousands of fans were in attendance, with hundreds of thousands more watching at home to see Rise Nation take the top spot, with Cloud 9, FaZe Clan and Allegiance taking second, third, and fourth place respectively. Each team earned CWL Pro Points, which may be the deciding factor as to if we see some of these teams eventually qualify for the CWL Global Pro League or not.

The top eight teams shared a grand total of $100,000 between them for their hard work, but Rise Nation ultimately takes the championship for the CWL Open, and cement themselves in the history books for this tremendous victory. They will be a part of the CWL Global Pro League, which kicks off in April 2017.

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