Riot Games Announces the New Future for Teamfight Tactics Mid-Sets

Teamfight Tactics has revealed a drastic change for the future of set updates. Game directors Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer and Peter "LegendaryFerret" Whalen officially announced that TFT will have 3 complete sets every year, meaning players will no longer have mid-set updates and can instead look forward to new sets throughout the year.

Riot Games Announces the New Future for Teamfight Tactics Mid-Sets

Teamfight Tactics, also known as TFT, is an automatic battle strategy game developed by Riot Games. Based on League of Legends, TFT incorporates the champions into a Dota Auto Chess formula of gameplay. Players can build a team of up to 9 champions and challenge other players to be the last team standing.

Previously, Riot typically released 2 sets in quarters per year. This means players would receive 2 new sets and passes but each of them would be followed by a mid-set. Mid-sets would follow the previous set nearly exact but include either a trait swap or adding new champions within the set. Unfortunately, Players have found mid-sets to be redundant and Riot has recognized this lack of interest. 

With the reveal of 3 full sets per year, players will soon be able to explore a variety of teams comps. Mortimer mentions that after expanding their development team, full sets will have a longer production timeline. This ensures a higher quality release during each update as the sets will be worked on by individual teams at the same time.

Whalen and Mortimer hope to introduce new gamemodes, events, and experiences to enhance the upcoming sets as well. While not all sets will include new gamemodes, players will no longer have to face repetitive updates. The full sets will begin during its 10th set update, most likely in 2024, so players will still have to endure another mid-set before the next change. However, Mortimer has advised players to still keep a lookout for the next patch as they will continue to provide innovative updates for its continuing set later this year.

Dev Update: Future of Mid-sets | Dev Video - Teamfight Tactics

Source: Official Announcement Video

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