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Rime Creators Hint At Sequel Already In The Works

Highly-anticipated Indie game RiME is about to release on various platforms amidst critical acclaim. Tequila Works celebrates the occasion by hinting on a sequel being underway already.

Rime Creators Hint At Sequel Already In The Works
Adventure and puzzle indie game RiME is about to release on May 26th for most platforms with a Switch version to follow soon. The game was received with mostly positive acclaim from critics. Hot off the excitement, Spanish developer Tequila Works has already hinted on a sequel on reddit as picked up by wccftech. Creative game director, Raul Rubio left some words that suggest that the idea of another game in the franchise is more than just speculation at this point. He suggested,

We have ideas on where to go with the sequel but it's too soon for that. We just released RiME! They say an end is a new beginning..

The game RiME has you play the role of a mysterious boy who has been cursed on an island and is attempting to escape from there. It is a third-person adventure game with a very unique cel-shaded art style. There is plenty to explore and puzzles to complete in the vast island that you are thrown in. Multiple comparisons have also been made between this game and those of Sony's Team ICO. With just one day to go, we should have the chance to dive in this breath-taking world in no time. The sequel is sure to be far off, although its great to see how an indie studio is able to craft such an ambitious looking game and are already looking to build on it.

Are our readers excited for RiME and potential sequel? Let us know below.

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    I loved this game when I played it two years ago in 2020. Two more trophies and RIME will be the first, and only, game where I have collected them all.
    If they bring out another Rime game it will be really high up in my ‘Must Get’ list.


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