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RIFT – 23-hour rollback performed

RIFT - 23-hour rollback performed.

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Many players are not very happy (to say at least) and experienced something what can be called as a mmo's player nightmare. 1-day rollback. It influenced one of the more populated servers.

Trion Worlds Executive Producer Bill Fisher announced that a hardware outagehit three servers early this morning, with one of them — Faeblight — lacking a recent data save point and requiring a one-day rollback.

"This is a significant loss for players on this shard and we fully understand that," Fisher said. "We are currently in the process of identifying and refunding RIFT Store purchases for users from Faeblight, as well as tracking down any Instant Sixty potions that were granted on this shard. This process may take several hours but we will ensure that any credits spent during this time are returned."

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